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European Commission asks for help from industry to regulate, encourage mobile health

The European Commission is today launching a consultation on #mHealth or mobile health, asking for help in finding ways to enhance the health and wellbeing of Europeans with the use of mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, patient monitoring devices and other wireless devices.


Hearing on citizens' initiative One of Us

The second hearing of a citizens' initiative, which allows ordinary people to ask for European legislation, will take place at the European Parliament today, Thursday 10 April. The organisers of the One of Us initiative are calling on the EU to ban and stop financing activities, including scientific ones, that could involve the destruction of human embryos.



Are our politicians doing enough to ensure the internet is ‘free and open’?

It should be unthinkable for a politician to be anti-digital, or indeed anti-internet – after all we rely on the net for our entertainment, travel, learning, jobs and our future economy.

Can you imagine a world in which you have to pay a little extra to see the occasional YouTube clip? A place where there is a small charge for every iPlayer episode you watch? What about a world where it is free and quick to upload photos to your internet service provider’s photo sharing service but it takes hours to do the same using flickr? Or horror of horrors, what about a world where your ISP has done a deal with Microsoft, and you can quickly access Bing, but Google is strangely unresponsive.


Effective search, effective decision making in the age of information complexity

Search has moved up significantly in the priority list of organisations as managers understand that effective search applications make good decisions easier to make, according to Martin White, who chairs the upcoming Enterprise Search Europe conference.

“Although a lot of attention is paid to Big Data, the volume of unstructured data – text documents, websites, images, drawings and videos – is increasing even more rapidly”, said Martin White. “Open-Source applications are now seen as offering substantial benefits to organisations, and the power and complexity of SharePoint 2013 search means that a single SharePoint developer can’t handle it all.”


IT systems need to cope with the exponential growth of big data

The inevitable increase in big data over the next 5 years will pose problems unless IT systems can cope with the growth, an IT expert warns.