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Energy 2030. The policy of the future

Declaring the European Commission’s 2030 framework for climate and energy policies ‘short-sighted and unambitious’, the European Parliament called for tougher energy targets and an amendment making the renewables target nationally binding. What do members of parliament think?


12 Data visualisations that illustrate poverty’s biggest challenges

Here’s a collection of some of the best data visualisations on global literacy, mortality, birth rates and more that will help put some of the biggest issues surrounding poverty today into perspective. The good news: Extreme poverty is declining, and life expectancy and incomes on the whole are on the up and up. The bad news: We still have a lot of work to do!


Up against the (solid) wall: What changes to the ECO mean for energy efficiency policy

The government's decision to consider radically downscaling its ambitions for solid wall insulation via the ECO has significant implications for the UK's energy efficiency policy.

As a result of the proposed changes, around £400 million less will be spent on residential energy efficiency improvements via the ECO every year, equivalent to 30 per cent of the previous total. The proposed cut in support for the technology could see the rate of installations fall by 70 per cent compared to the year before the ECO was launched.


Top decision-makers in Birmingham launch Making a Difference with Data

Some of the top policy and decision-makers for Birmingham’s public services will be getting together on 26 June to launch Making a Difference with Data - a new programme about the role of data in creating social and economic wellbeing.

The Making a Difference with Data programme is being developed and run by Birmingham-based Boilerhouse Media, in collaboration with England’s core cities and supported by Digital Birmingham.

Cllr James McKay, Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, who will be opening the event and talking about the central role of data in Birmingham’s plans to become a ‘smart city’, said: "I welcome the Making a Difference with Data programme with its emphasis on communicating the benefits of using data and open data for better decision-making.


Informatica Self-Service Platform Spots Sensitive Data

Informatica unveils its Intelligent Data Platform roadmap for clean, secure self-service data, even at big data scale.

Victory won't go to those with the most data. It will go to those who make the best use of data. This simple principle is behind Informatica's Tuesday unveiling of the Intelligent Data Platform.

A collection of current and planned capabilities, the Intelligent Data Platform seeks to exploit Informatica's unique insight not into the data itself -- that's the job of BI and analytics -- but into the metadata, the data about the data.