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Commission Priority: Climate Action and Energy

“We need to pool our resources, combine our infrastructures and unite our negotiating power with third countries.” President Juncker’s political guidelines. Europe relies too heavily on fuel and gas imports. We need to reduce this dependency while keeping our energy market open to countries outside the EU. We owe it to future generations to limit the impact of climate change and to keep energy affordable – by using more energy from renewable sources and becoming more energy efficient. Objectives

  • Creating a European Energy Union – by pooling resources, connecting networks and uniting our power when negotiating with non EU countries.
  • Diversifying our energy sources – so Europe can quickly switch to other supply channels if the financial or political cost of importing from the East becomes too high.
  • Helping EU countries become less dependent on energy imports.
  • Making the EU the world number one in renewable energy and leading the fight against global warming.

Full text from President Juncker’s Political Guidelines

SENSE4US has strong presence in world conferences

SENSE4US project worked on scientific papers submission in various important conferences in Europe and at international level. Lately, the project published papers and organized workshops and tutorials in conferences like the 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC – Crete, Greece), the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC – Riva del Garda, Trentino Italy), the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL – Baltimore, USA, the European Conference on Social Media (ECSM – Brighton UK) and the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC – Reykjavik, Iceland).

Big Data Tool Analyzes Intentions: Cool Or Creepy?

Lexalytics intention analysis tool determines what you're going to do before you do it, the company says. This goes beyond sentiment analysis.


Many organizations mine Twitter and other social media streams to gauge the online masses' impressions of their products or services. But although this sentiment analysis is an effective way to mine for opinions, it's less useful at determining people's future actions.


Lexalytics, an Amherst, Mass., provider of text and sentiment analysis software, will soon release a new feature called intention analysis, which the company claims can predict a person's objectives based on his or her online activities.


Sense4us project partner KMi wins Best Paper Award

Our project partner Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) won the Best Paper Award at the Semantic Sentiment analysis Workshop, ESWC 2014 that took place in Crete, Greece! The paper Adapting Sentiment Lexicons using Contextual Semantics for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter was written by Saif, H., He, Y., Fernandez, M. and Alani, H. (2014)

Hello Lamppost – talking to things needs open data

The internet of things, automation and robotics - all of which are shaping the future of work- depend on access to data, and open data is at the heart of the piece.

You may not be that interested in databases and information systems because your work does not revolve around them but open data, as far as the 'open' part, does not sit alone in isolation from the rest of life. Among other context surrounding open data there is a whole 'open agenda' –  open government, open education, open research, open access, open knowledge, open source. All these 'opens' cross over with each other. Thinking about all this, all at once, in a practical and useful way is almost impossible and so quite sensibly those with interests in specific areas stick to those areas, going one step at a time in 'opening up'.