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SENSE4US participated at the “Digital Values: Advancing Technology, Preserving Fundamental Rights” event, 18th January 2016, Microsoft Center, Brussels

Our project partner from Gov2u, Rasa Uzdavinyte, attended the “Digital Values: Advancing Technology, Preserving Fundamental Rights” event from 12.30 to 17.00pm on the 18th of January in Brussels representing SENSE4US. Read more interesting news in our current Newsletter Issue, February 2016

SENSE4US presented at eChallenges 2015 Conference, 25th-26th November 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dr Steve Taylor, SENSE4US project coordinator, participated in eChallenges conference this year and presented an interesting paper written by himself and project partners, namely Timo Wandhofer, Ruth Fox, and Rasa Uzdavinyte. The paper describes the initial creation and evaluation of a web-based toolkit that comprises different types of information retrieval and analysis tools, specifically intended to help research for policy makers in governmental and legislative institutions. Find more interesting project news in the current Newsletter Issue

What Citizens Can Teach Civil Servants About Open Government

Brazil's largest city is embarking on an ambitious experiment to educate its public employees on the benefits of transparency.

An open government is one that is transparent, participatory and collaborative. But moving from traditional government operating behind closed doors to more open institutions, where civil servants work together with citizens to create policies and solve problems, demands new skills and sensibilities.

As more and more American public-sector leaders embrace the concept of openness as a positive force for governmental effectiveness, they would do well to look toward Brazil's largest city, where an unusual experiment was just launched: an effort to use a variation on crowdsourcing to retrain Sao Paulo's 150,000 civil servants. It's described as the world's largest open-government training program.

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SENSE4US: Newsletter Issue No.8 - February 2016: check it out!

2015 ended with the internal review of the project and with the evaluation of the work done. New goals have been set for the year ahead and partners’ work efforts will be focused on the user interface finalisation and the wider engagement of end users to the project with the organisation of specific events for them that will be announced soon!
The current issue presents the project news of the last months, two events which SENSE4US partners attended presenting the project and a paper related to SENSE4US. Some interesting news is also part of this issue along with some upcoming events that you may be interested to attend. The last part of the current newsletter is dedicated to 13 publications written by SENSE4US partners focusing on various issues related to the project. Read the newsletter issue

Oviedo reuses Madrids citizens participation tool

The city of Oviedo, capital of Spain’s Principality of Asturias, in December unveiled This citizen participation and open government platform is based on Madrid’s platform, which is available as open source software.

Oviedo’s citizen participation platform aims to give citizens the chance to get involved in the city’s decision making, explains Ana Taboada, the city's deputy mayor, in an article published on the news site Asturias42. The platform offers an alternative to public management, she writes.

The platform allows citizens to monitor and evaluate public policies, and can help modernise government. “ is to become the agora of citizenship and open government”, the deputy mayor writes.

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