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How companies can unearth the hidden gems in their data vaults

Private companies are sitting on some of the most lucrative and socially valuable data in existence. In discussions with CEOs trying pitch their latest product feature to me, I regularly end up stumbling upon far more interesting news once we start talking about the data they are collecting on their users.

Here’s a primer on how companies can unearth the hidden gems in their data vaults.

Myth Busting

Tech companies tend to be far more rigorous with their data collection than their government counterparts. For instance, online education pioneer Sal Khan learned that public schools had been mislabeling failing students. In a pilot program in California schools where he could rigorously track every single video students watched and problem they attempted, Khan learned that many so-called “failing” students were really just stuck on a single problem.

Once struggling students could re-watch videos on their own, some raced to the head of the class. This was monumentally positive news in the education industry, and it had nothing to do with an official study or new product release.

If companies stumble upon counterintuitive findings in their data, please share them with the press or via a blog post. Khan has yet to do a wide-scale academically rigorous test finding, but it’s enough that other educators can start to test.

The complete article can be found on VentureBeat