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How cities around the world can tap into a big data goldmine

Microsoft's Gary Wachowicz on how cities around the world are harnessing business intelligence tools to improve city services

In my travels around the world I see governments trying to solve a range of complex challenges and find new ways to meet their goals, often with fewer resources. At the same time, the rise of connected devices and ways of collecting information means that many are sitting on a wealth of data that could hold the insights that they need to tackle the issues they face.

Using this goldmine isn’t just about enhancing government services. In fact, Microsoft-sponsored research from IDC found that government organizations worldwide could gain over £150 billion in value from data over the next four years by bringing together information from multiple systems and using new business intelligence (BI) tools to turn it into insights they can apply to their everyday roles. So what are ‘modern cities’ doing to harness the potential of these riches and use major technology trends – such as the cloud, mobile, social media and analytics – to their advantage?

One example of a government organization drawing together disparate information sources is Norfolk County Council, UK. The council wanted to boost its local economy and improve services – all while driving significant savings and managing data from multiple agencies.

To achieve these objectives, it created a cloud-based information hub to allow administrative staff to view data from the Council and its partner agencies in one place and allocate resources more efficiently – in fact, the Council expects to shave £10 million from its IT spending over the next five years, as well as create sustainable jobs through graduate and internship programs.

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