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MEPs must address 'wealth inequality', says Oxfam

Members of the European parliament are back in force, jostling for position and power. Where are the most exciting dossiers, what are the hot issues, how best to make a difference? Oxfam congratulates every parliamentarian for their place at the heart of Europe. MEPs do have power, they can take a position and they can make a difference in many areas of policy making. But above all they can make a difference in how citizens see Europe and how they see their place in Europe. Is the Europe we have, the Europe we want?

With nearly one in three Europeans at risk of poverty by 2025, addressing wealth inequality should be priority for new parliamentarians. How can a Europe that has €9.5 trillion hidden in European tax havens be the Europe that citizens want? The first task for MEPs is to take on the wealthy elite and multinational corporations to make sure they pay their fair share of taxes. Only by making sure everyone pays their fair share can governments afford public services like health and education.

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