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Energy 2030. The policy of the future

Declaring the European Commission’s 2030 framework for climate and energy policies ‘short-sighted and unambitious’, the European Parliament called for tougher energy targets and an amendment making the renewables target nationally binding. What do members of parliament think?

We need three binding objectives

“If we want to reduce our energy imports we have to produce more in Europe. If we have a broad energy mix with greater energy efficiency, this is the best option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to encourage new technologies and innovation, create jobs, and change our economies into greener economies. This is why we need three binding objectives. The European Commission proposal is an acceptable work base but needs to be strengthened. It is disappointing that we cannot yet confirm the benefits of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency alone would enable us to reduce our energy bills, our dependence on countries producing oil and gas and our energy trade balance and to create thousands of jobs in Europe, not to mention improving our protection of our environment and our climate.”

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