Hearing on citizens' initiative One of Us

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The second hearing of a citizens' initiative, which allows ordinary people to ask for European legislation, will take place at the European Parliament today, Thursday 10 April. The organisers of the One of Us initiative are calling on the EU to ban and stop financing activities, including scientific ones, that could involve the destruction of human embryos.


One of Us

The One of Us campaign managed to collect more than 1.7 million signatures in support of their initiative in 18 different EU countries. The idea is to ask the EU to prohibit and end the financing of activities that involve the destruction of human embryos, in particular in the areas of research, development and public health. 



During the public hearing on 10 April, the One of Us organisers will present their objectives to MEPs. The hearing is organised jointly by the development, legal affairs and research commitees, together with the petitions committee. 


Citizens' initiative

The citizens' initiative was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty and gives EU inhabitants who have the right to vote in European Parliament elections the opportunity to have their say on the EU's legislative agenda. To be considered, an initiative must be backed by at least one million EU citizens, from at least seven of the 28 member states within 12 months of the registration date. It must also fall within the European Commission's remit.