Effective search, effective decision making in the age of information complexity

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Search has moved up significantly in the priority list of organisations as managers understand that effective search applications make good decisions easier to make, according to Martin White, who chairs the upcoming Enterprise Search Europe conference.

“Although a lot of attention is paid to Big Data, the volume of unstructured data – text documents, websites, images, drawings and videos – is increasing even more rapidly”, said Martin White. “Open-Source applications are now seen as offering substantial benefits to organisations, and the power and complexity of SharePoint 2013 search means that a single SharePoint developer can’t handle it all.”


In the Big Data era, it is a practical possibility for the enterprise to search, find and analyse every transaction, customer interaction, click, document, video, spreadsheet and email that the organisation has the space to store. And it doesn’t stop there: social platforms have placed every mention of a company, their customers, markets and competitors within easy reach too.

The full article by Katherine Allen on The Information Daily