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European Data Portal - Report on Open Data & Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the increasing adoption of digital tools and technologies by any organisation to fundamentally enhance both its internal and external processes and functions.

It consists of three key areas every organisation needs to focus on:

> Customer experience;

> Operational process; and

> Business model.

Open Data and Digital Transformation, more than 600 use cases from the private sector were gathered, from all over the world.


Why is it important for companies to digitally transform their business?

Research has shown that companies that have both a digital capability and digital leadership are 26% more profitable than their competitors. Multiple examples exist of the use of Open Data to transform business.

A French example is Infoterra that uses satellite images to monitor growing crops allowing the production of digital maps that serve as a pattern for the appropriate fertilizer rate to be applied as required to a section of a field.

Open Data types of re-users

Open Data types of re-users:

> Aggregator: Organisations that collect and aggregate Open Data and other proprietary data.

> Developer: Organisation that design, build and sell web, tablet or smart phone based apps.

> Enricher: Larger organisation that use Open Data to enhance their existing products and services.

> Enabler: Organisations that facilitate the supply or use of Open Data

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