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Air France-KLM will accelerate their release of Open Data via API

The Franco-Dutch airline holding company Air France-KLM announced to accelerate their release of Open Data by providing more information via API. Through this channel, the company will share real time data on subjects such as the flight status, taxes and routes. The company wants to attract the attention of developers for the creation of new and innovative applications. By giving developers the freedom to create what they want, the company aims to stimulate competition among them to develop the most customer oriented application around their data.

Sharing Data and getting in touch with developers is part of the company’s Strategic Plan. For example, by organising hackathons or by enhancing the data already published. With these events and offering their data through API, the airline wants to leverage the value of their rich and broad data. This initiative is a good example of how private parties are also seeking to reap all the benefits of their data by sharing it with the community.

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