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European Data Portal: A family tree of 1.6 million persons

In 2014, the Regional Archive of the Dutch city of Tilburg made its genealogical records available as Open Data. By doing so, the archive wants to promote new and stimulating innovative applications for its data. Willem Vermeulen, a student at the University of Amsterdam took up this challenge and used the data for his thesis on the migration movements in the regions of Tilburg and Rotterdam.

For his research, he used records on major life events of the citizens such as birth, marriage or passing and combined this with location where the ‘act’ was registered. Using algorithms, anonymised acts for the period 1815-1900 were analysed and mapped into a family tree of 1.6 million persons. A process only made possible with the data being machine readable information, instead of the original images. The analysis led to a number of interesting findings, for example that men appear to have migrated more than women during the period. Another discovered trend consisted of the increasing importance of Rotterdam as a migration destination.

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