Joinup: "Open source essential to government modernisation"

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Using open source has set the city of Limerick (Ireland) free to modernise its organisation. The city merged several isolated department front-desks into one modern customer centre, with the customer relations management system and other open source solutions greatly improving service levels.

Not encumbered by the limitations of proprietary licences, Limerick could customise applications to fit the city’s needs as many times as needed, explains Mihai Bilauca, head of Limerick’s Digital Strategy and Customer Service department: “It gave us the confidence to aim high, as we were not incurring major IT costs.”

The money saved on licences and related IT services was used for process improvements and staff training, Bilauca said. Moreover, the transformation has been undertaken during difficult economic times. “Having access to software solutions, allowed us to plan ahead knowing that we could afford to implement the technology solutions required by the organisational change”, he said.

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