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Joinup: Sweden updates list of mandatory IT standards

Swedish government procurement specialists have updated the list of IT standards that can be made mandatory requirements when procuring software and related services. Technical specifications not on the list can only be used as evaluation criteria.

The 'Open IT standards’ list includes only those standards that fit the open standard definition in the European Interoperability Framework (version 1.0). The Swedish National Procurement Services (Statens inköpscentral, NPS) asked the University of Skövde to check which IT standards meet the definition’s requirements.

An English translation of the document was published today.

To make it to the NPS list, IT standards must be developed openly and publicly. The standard must not constrain reuse of the standard, and intellectual property (patents) should be made freely available. “The list will make it easier for Swedish public administrations to battle lock-in effects when they publish calls for tenders involving software and software services”, says Daniel Melin, a procurement specialist at the NPS.

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